• **Art of Our Century at Southern Methodist University

    The Pollock Gallery at SMU

    Art of Our Century:

    A Curated Exhibition Showcasing Division of Art Alumni
    Drawn from the Classes of 2000 through 2012

    The Pollock Gallery is pleased to present Art of Our Century, an exhibition showcasing art by alumni from the classes of 2000 through 2012. The show, which coincides with SMU's centennial celebrations, features a broad range of creative work by 20 alumni, including painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, photography and video. Art critic and Director of Fort Worth Contemporary Arts Christina Rees curates the exhibition.

    4 March through 23 March 2013

  • **Pigeon Town

    Editor’s Note (Summer Feature 2012)

    Short and sweet. Very sweet.

    The paintings and drawings of Michael Garguilo have been close to me since I first met Michael last year, in Boston. His depiction of suits in awkward withdrawal and repose struck me right away as something not only thoughtful, but pertinent. The non-fictional resonance of this series speaks to Pigeon Town’s want for the real; his re-imaging and re-focusing of strife among suits is refreshing, necessary and in this case remarkably well-executed.

    It’s my pleasure to present to you this artist working on his own terms, not wholly negligent of what’s around him, but patient and willing to articulate the peripheral.

    I hope you enjoy.

    Tom Laverty, editor, Pigeon Town

  • **Business as Usual: Recent Works of Michael Anthony Garguilo

    Opening Reception: June 15, 2012, 6:00 - 9:00 pm

    Exhibition: June 15 - June 30

    Saturdays & Sundays, 10:00 - 5:00;
    Weekdays by appointment (call 248-431-3072)

    Drawing on images of collective violence in the media, Michael Garguilo investigates how groups of men are brought together and torn asunder, and how quickly camaraderie can disintegrate into turmoil.

    Garguilo extracts human figures from their surroundings thus emphasizing the latent awkwardness and ambiguity of physical aggression. Without a specific backdrop it is difficult to discern aggression from intimacy; a tussle may become an embrace and protest may transform into a parade.

    In Garguilo’s paintings, what was once the frightening becomes slapstick. This absurdity broaches a distressing subject in a more comfortable way, providing an entry point to confront violence rather than escape it.

    Curated by: Gina Iacobelli