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In the series Everybody Wants To Be Caesar, I investigate the complexities of men engaged in physical violence and the power struggles inherent in both business and politics. Spanning the past five years, these works evidence my interest in the human form in motion and the awkwardness of the body as captured in a brief moment. The ambiguity of these gestures is a rich source of material and of great interest to me.

The somewhat humorous and absurdist appearance of men in suits and ties tussling against an unknown backdrop can make these moments of confrontation seem like nothing more than a costume party gone awry or a tug-of-war over a tie.

There is a rhetoric often employed in the high stakes worlds of commerce and government that, in its underhandedness, leaves me questioning as to whether or not verbal exchanges are just as violent as any physical altercation.

The title of the series, Everybody Wants To Be Caesar, is my emphasis on the motives of these individuals and their desire to attain power through any means necessary.

Everybody Wants To Be Caesar ( What's All The Fuss About?)
Everybody Wants To Be Caesar ( What's All The Fuss About?)
Oil and Conte on Canvas
72 x 96 in